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Build-A-Thon is a multi-layered program by Robotech Pvt Ltd designed specifically to cover technologies-in-demand, such as rapid prototyping, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and programming. To achieve this, we are offering :

  • Four-year training program for college students

  • Short-term courses

  • A set of DIY boxes

  • Build-A-Thon Event

Each of these offerings is interlinked with others, thereby ensuring efficient fulfillment of objective by Build-A-Thon. Even the hobbyists, programming enthusiasts, faculty members, and professionals from tech industries can acquire skills by enrolling in this program.

It is made sure that 21st-century skills, which are crucial in the present scenario, are inculcated. The corporate houses and recruitment agencies can hire the deserving candidates on-the-spot through Build-A-Thon event.

History of Build-A-Thon

Robotech Pvt Ltd was already conducting Build-A-Thon events that involved interschool and regional competitions. After meeting different industry leaders, the team behind Build-A-Thon realized the need for a much-advanced approach to fill the requirements of competent professionals in multiple domains. The team also analyzed the proliferation of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

This is how the thinkers, researchers, content developers, and management started working in synergy to create a better solution. They focused on how different learning approaches can be blended to turn the learners into problem solvers. As a result, a revolutionary version of Build-A-Thon was conceptualized.

The combination of long-term and short-term programs, DIY boxes, and Build-A-Thon event were expected to meet the needs of professionals who can be a perfect fit for organizations that develop and utilize advanced technologies. Since then, the team behind this program keeps on evolving each aspect as per the industry needs.