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Rules & Regulations Event Layout

Buildathon Event

Build-A-Thon is a 5-7 day event created to teach and assess the technological and 21st century skills of the college students. The final assessment enables the deserving candidates to get hired by organizations for various roles.

For corporate world and recruitment agencies, it is a well-structured way to hire employees that are right fit for their processes.

Event Highlights

  • 5-7 day event involving educationnd development

  • On-the-spot hiring by companies

  • Certification for each participant

  • 60-hour training program


Robotech Pvt. Ltd. , Plot No.- 15, First Floor, Above Makoons Play School, Vigyan Vihar, New Delhi

Skills Addressed:

The skills taught in the event include Robotics, Embedded Systems, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and tech skills-in-demand. By enhancing creativity, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, and problem solving, the participants will be ready for most of the industrial roles. All these skills are assessed during the evaluation by our team.

The event is segmented into two phases: Training and Project Development

Phase 1: Training

The tech experts offer 60-hour training to the participants during the first phase of the event. The workshops covered in this segment include:

  • Industrial and assistive robotics

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and automation

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Programming and microcontrollers

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Search and rescue applications

Every concept is taught using hands-on approach with latest ICT products and educational kits.



Phase 2: Project Development

After acquiring technological skills, the participants get ready for the second phase. Every team comprises of three engineering students, each from different stream, namely:

  • Computer Science/Information Technology

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

This phase involves following stages:

  • 1). Kits and Guidelines: The team are allocated kits and are explained the rules and regulations in detail.

  • 2). Ideation: The teams brainstorm the ideas

  • 3). Design: This stage involves building of real-time projects as per industry standards

  • 4). Coding: The projects are then coded by the team members

  • 5). Presentation: The teams finally display the project and explain all the aspects, including technologies involved, USPs, and real-world applications

After evaluating the performance of the students, the companies provide job offer on-the-spot.

Benefits to the students

  • On-the-spot opportunities for jobs and internships to the meritorious students

  • Acquire hands-on training on technologies-in-demand

  • Identify your field of interest and decide specialization accordingly

  • Enhance soft skills like leadership, public speaking and problem solving

  • Get exposed to multiple disciplines of engineering



Benefits to the Employers

  • Hire employees with 21st century and tech skills

  • Comprehensive evaluation of each participant for better selection of candidates

  • Use event as a training program for employees

  • Shorten the training time of new employees and enhance productivity

  • A platform to hire cost-effective yet adept professionals

Benefits to the Recruitment Agencies

  • Screening process of applicants gets more streamlined

  • Select the best candidates for technical job profiles for various industries

  • No more issue of fake experience or skills

  • Deliver better results to your corporate clients

  • Increase your market credibility and improve bottom line



Benefits to the Colleges

  • Foster environment for innovation and prepare the students for technologies-in-demand

  • Better job opportunities for the students in different industries

  • Enhance your campus placement record

  • Make the technical placement sessions more structured